Hi, We are Scenario Gems

Scenario gems was founded with the aim of providing the world with exquisite gemstones with nonpareil service having Offices in (HONGKONG and INDIA). With over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing sector, we have the best cutters in-house in our Manufacturing Facility (Located in INDIA) to supply and satisfy customers demand with utmost quality and precision. From the process of assorting, cutting and polishing the raw material into finished gemstones, every step is closely observed and refined by respective experts working on it

  • Due to our direct sourcing of raw material from the mines and an in-house manufacturing, we provide customer with the best prices possible.
  • We specialize in calibrated sizes of stones like Tanzanite,Tourmaline,Tsavorite, Topaz, Opal, Rainbow moonstone, Turquoise,Aquamarine, Amethyst, Kyanite) and also make finest beads in almost every coloured stone possible with a workforce of over 800 workers.
  • To serve the luxury market, we deal in top-grade Rubellite, Tsavorite and Emeralds.
  • We have been supplying stones throughout the world (China, USA, Japan, Taiwan etc).
  • We consistently work at keeping the superlative quality of our gemstones, as we believe in having Long term relationship with our customers by building and maintaining their trust and satisfaction.


The production chain at Scenario Gems is strictly vertical.

The process begins with the search for the best raw material done by experts in the respective field and each material is sourced ethically and has to be qualitatively approved.

Afterwards, we entrust the resources to the master craftsmen we have in house, who cut the stones exclusively by hand which eventually then gets delivered to the reputed Global Brands after going through a strict Quality Control Process.